Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Resources

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) provides a framework for achieving safe, reliable health care, and is a key ASHRM initiative in its mission to promote safe and trusted health care. The following resources have been developed to help you and your organization adopt and implement an ERM program at a hospital, clinic or any other health care facility.

Free ASHRM Resources
ASHRM Playbooks & Pearls
Enterprise Risk Management Certificate Program

Free ASHRM Resources

ERM Quick Reference Tool
A two-page document that quickly outlines the framework for ERM, including guiding principles and domains.
Download ERM Quick Reference Tool

Enterprise Risk Management for Boards and Trustees: Leveraging the Value
Developed in collaboration with the American Hospital Association’s Center for Healthcare Governance, this publication explains the ERM approach, the framework, the benefits and value of ERM. It details the Board’s role in ERM and provides a case example.
Download Enterprise Risk Management for Boards and Trustees: Leveraging the Value

White Paper - Enterprise Risk Management: A Framework for Success
This White Paper visually outlines the ERM Framework developed by ASHRM and defines its key structural components in any health care setting. Use this framework to help build consistency in your efforts to develop or move forward your ERM efforts.
Download ERM Whitepaper

Enterprise Risk Management:  Readiness Assessment Tool
The intent of this ERMRAQ tool is for you to gain information regarding the readiness of your Organization to implement ERM Practices or the maturity of ERM initiatives already initiated.
Download Readiness Assessment Tool

ASHRM Playbooks & Pearls

ASHRM Enterprise Risk Management Playbook: An Implementation Guide for Healthcare Professionals
Whether your organization has just begun the journey into Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), or if you wish to improve an established ERM program, ASHRM’s   resource, “An Enterprise Risk Management Playbook – An Implementation Guide for Healthcare Professionals” is indispensable to your success.

The Playbook gives detailed guidance on developing strategies, identifying risks and opportunities, and various methodologies for assessing enterprise-wide risk. Additionally, the Playbook is packed with essential information such as how to understand ERM concepts and details on the infrastructure necessary for an optimal ERM program.  Purchase Playbook

ASHRM/AHLA Enterprise Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Entities Third Edition
This handbook addresses the need for, and implementation of, a comprehensive risk management process and plan that encompasses the entire enterprise and crosses departmental barriers. Since many components of ERM are unique to health care providers - the regulatory environment, payer systems, even the mission of the organization - there is a critical need for an industry-specific guide.  Purchase Playbook

ASHRM’s Risk Management Pearls for Enterprise Risk Management: The Foundation
The barrage of technological, organizational and legal changes will continue to be commonplace in the healthcare industry. As a result,   and additional forms of risk will arise. Today’s healthcare risk manager must be able to identify and address these issues. The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach efficiently and effectively addresses organizational-wide risk, especially in unpredictable and ever-changing environments, and ultimately helps improve patient safety.

ASHRM’s Risk Management Pearls for Enterprise Risk Management: The Foundation is designed to help you understand ERM, how it can benefit your organization and help improve patient safety. ERM: The Foundation begins with an overview of ERM, and progresses to implementation of an ERM program and its benefits. Purchase Pearls

Chapters include:

  • Defining ERM
  • Developing an ERM Program for your organization
  • The Eight Risk Domains of an ERM Program
  • The Five Steps of ERM
  • Benefits of developing an ERM Program

ASHRM’s Risk Management Pearls: Applying ERM
Enterprise risk management (ERM) requires a system-wide, integrated approach to addressing risk in your organization. The foundation for your organization’s approach is the enterprise risk management plan. It delineates how your organization will establish, implement, measure and communicate risk goals and objectives, and who is responsible for overseeing and re-evaluating each component of the plan. In order for your ERM plan to succeed, it must receive support from all levels of the organization, beginning with commitment from the top. ASHRM’s   Risk Management Pearls: Applying ERM explains how to obtain buy-in from the governing body and all stakeholders; how to link the plan with other organizational initiatives; how to roll out the plan; and how to monitor and communicate your organization’s ERM effectiveness. Purchase Pearls

Chapters include:

  • The ERM Plan
  • ERM and the Governing Body
  • Creating an ERM Infrastructure
  • ERM Metrics, Dashboards and Scorecards

ASHRM Pearls: Integrating ERM into the Healthcare Culture
This Enterprise Risk Management ASHRM Pearls goes beyond the foundations of gaining management support for an ERM program, identifying specific risk domains and conducting an initial risk assessment.

ASHRM's   Enterprise Risk Management Pearls for Integrating ERM into the Healthcare Culture summarizes how to incorporate ERM concepts and principles in decision-making processes at all levels so that ERM becomes an integral part of the organizational operating culture.

Creating such a culture can be challenging, especially in healthcare organizations where the Return On Investment (ROI) has often been the sole measure for decision making and capital budgeting. ERM calls for an organization to look beyond just the potential financial benefits of alternative strategies and projects. Purchase Pearls

Enterprise Risk Management Certificate Program

Enterprise Risk Management Certificate Program
The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Certificate Program provides an insightful road map to best practices while preparing healthcare risk management professionals to balance risks with rewards. This unique “blended learning” program provides a three-prong approach to ERM concepts, strategies, and application. The program pre-work begins online August 15, where participants will work both independently and collaboratively to begin exploring ERM concepts and strategies. Next, participants and ERM faculty meet in-person at Academy, and engage in robust discussion, case studies and practical application. Lastly, the program concludes online, advancing the learning and in-person application by allowing for ongoing communication and collaboration among participants and faculty. Learn more about the ERM Certificate program.