Publications, Textbooks & Playbooks for Risk Managers

Health Care Risk Management Fundamentals Health Care Risk Management Fundamentals
The essential resource for risk management, patient safety, insurance, legal, financial and other related professions in health care. Fundamentals will help readers understand the fundamentals of risk management and Enterprise Risk Management and provide insight into the risks associated with all of the moving parts of a health care organization.
CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide
Study wisely for the CPHRM with the newly revised preparation guide based on the 2020 CPHRM Certification Exam Content Outline. This guide is your go-to resource to prepare for the revised CPHRM exam that launches on January 2, 2020. Content includes the key terms, acronyms, domains of practice you will find in the exam, along with 110 practice exam questions.
Leading Health Care Risk Management Leading Health Care Risk Management
This workbook is for health care risk managers who are new to the position and those who are increasing their current scope of responsibilities. This workbook is meant to serve as a tool to lend structure and support, while learning to navigate the role of risk manager.
ASHRM Health Care Claims and Litigation Playbook ASHRM Health Care Claims and Litigation Playbook
This playbook is a valuable resource for risk managers who have any responsibility for claims. The format of this resource follows each step in the claims administration process, covering activities following the claims, litigation from pre-trial to settlement and activities in the post-litigation period, such as reporting and data analysis.
Health Care Risk Financing Playbook Health Care Risk Financing Playbook
This playbook contains information from experts that encompasses a high-level overview of the components of an effective health care entity risk financing. The guidance provided in the risk finance playbook will help you evaluate and strengthen your organization's overall insurance model/programs and understand those models and how risk mitigation can impact risk financing.
Obstetrical Risk Management Playbook Obstetrical Risk Management Playbook
This playbook offers a wide array of obstetrical practice and risk management issues, concepts and strategies for risk management professionals and practitioners caring for pregnant women. This resource is intended to serve as a reference when a question arises during any point of the care delivery model.
Patient Safety Risk Management Playbook Root Cause Analysis Team Member Workbooks (6) and FREE Facilitator Guide
This Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Team Member Guide and Facilitator Guide is for you, as a RCA team member or a facilitator, to understand the RCA process and your important role. When an event occurs, the RCA team will review the event, to understand why the event happened, and to decrease or eliminate a like event from occurring again.
Physician Office Risk Management Playbook Physician Office Risk Management Playbook
Get the resources you need to manage risk in physician office practices. This playbook is your go-to reference for tools and references on risk management issues including follow up of test results, missed appointments, medical records, patient communication, scope of practice issues, patient termination and much more.
Patient Safety Risk Management Playbook Patient Safety Risk Management Playbook
Gain the knowledge to promote data analysis that enhances patient safety and demonstrates added value with this playbook. This resource will help you become a more knowledgeable and confident health care risk manager through the use of data and metrics, an approach that supports patient safety and risk reduction programs and initiatives.
Root Cause Analysis Playbook Root Cause Analysis Playbook
Get proven methods for a creditable Root Cause Analysis and guidance to help you achieve sustainable results and prevent recurrence of harmful patient safety events. This playbook includes all of the leading RCA tools in one place, and instructions on the essential steps for responding to sentinel events.
Enterprise Risk Management Playbook Now Available Enterprise Risk Management Playbook
Get detailed guidance on developing strategies and identifying risks, opportunities and methodologies for assessing risk throughout an organization. This playbook is packed with essential information such as how to understand ERM concepts and details on the infrastructure necessary for an optimal ERM program.
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